Brought together to create positive messages to help supercharge your growth on the path to becoming your very own ideal person.

Principle One

We work with people who have or are aiming to make a massive shift in their life towards greatness.

Principle Four

We value people who appreciate their ancestors; our work respects their struggle, what they fought for and what they would want for our future

Principle Seven

We respect all religions as long as they aim to improve their own culture and not desire to dominate anothers.

Principle Two

We work with people who value these SIX STRONG IDEALS: Honour, Strength, Mastery, Discipline, Wisdom and Courage.

Principle Five

Self-sufficiency, horticulture and appreciation of the environment is paramount. Connection to land and a desire to grow your own food is a plus.

Principle Eight

We work with goal minded people. People who focus on Health, Prosperity, Business and helping others along the way.

Principle Three

We work with men and women who want to lead and appreciate good leadership for themselves and their community.

Principle Six

Community is our life blood. If you’re apart of our network you’re the type of person who wants to extend a hand to like-minded people, develop relationships and contribute to other projects.

Principle Nine

To be a speaker you don’t have to be well known, but you must embody most of the nine principles and how your life has been changed since you ‘burnt the boats’ in your own life.