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If you want to take the island, burn the boats!

This brilliant quote is said to go back to Julius Caesar, the Roman emperor who sat out to conquer England 2000 years ago by boat. Upon landing at the coast, his soldiers soon realized that they were by far outnumbered by the Celts, and fear started to spread. Instead of preparing for battle, Caesar found his soldiers preparing the ships for a quick and easy retreat.

The brilliant general he was, Caesar knew that in the condition his men were in, the battle was already lost. But instead of joining the ranks of fearful men, Caesar decided to do something else: He burnt the boats, and therefore any hope to ever leave the island unless they conquered the whole country. This sent a powerful message both to his army and his enemies. From the moment he set the boats on fire, everyone knew that there was only one outcome: to fight until death. The only way for the Romans to live was to win the battle, and so Caesar gained 100% commitment from his fellow soldiers.

Now, what can we learn from this? If you have a big dream in your life, burn the friggin boats! Destroy every possible excuse and make success the only option there is — only then will you enjoy the kind of success you are capable of. Commit your entire being to making your dreams come true, and never accept failure as final. If you have a boat to save you from failing on your dream, the best thing you can do is burn it. That is obviously not always easy, but will allow you to go all-in and make it happen while others are still looking for excuses.

Burn the boats, and never give up until you succeed. In the words of Les Brown, “It´s not over until I win!” Keep playing the game until you win, no matter how many times it may take.